It has really been life changing having Mpho as a coach. The teachings and principles that are derived from this course have been life changing. I started the coaching in February and the knowledge of deliberate creation and focus has really caused a huge shift in my studies, career, relationship with self and others. When I started there were patterns that I thought I had dealt with previously in my life which popped up again and we were able to go to the root cause and remove them completely. I remember leaving a session with such awareness that it made me so conscious of what I was putting out because it was being reflected back to me. Thank you Mpho for the wonderful work. My life has been transformed and I know many more lives will be transformed by you!

The support I got from Mpho was truly exceptional because she goes above and beyond for her clients. The patience exercised to embed the principles derived was also really positive.

Mpho’s energy and commitment is really what made this coaching experience amazing. She is very patient and her desire to learn and constantly improve herself feeds into the coaching as I got to learn so much from her.

I have loved every moment of coaching with Mpho.

DF Letlape

Thank you so Much Mpho for the great work you are doing healing the world. The healing workshop that we just had on the 9th May 2020 was so potent for me and unlocked some aspect of the issues that I have been challenged with. I grew up in an environment where my mom used to be beaten up by my stepdad and she would be running for her life in the wee hours of the night to save herself from the beatings. So naturally at a young age when I observed that I took a decision that this would not happen to me when I grow up and also that “it is not safe to be a woman.” On Saturday during the healing this belief surfaced and was healed. This belief showed up in how I took charge of my life making sure that I become independent. I also did not embrace my femininity fully and this showed up in the value and the worth I placed on myself. It also depleted myself love because no matter how much I improve myself and served people, I would never be fully satisfied. I would always feel like I did not do enough, and I could have done more. There has been a lot of healing as I have been on the transformation journey, but the specific healing we did on Saturday made me realize that I did not fully embrace this physical body that I chose to come with in this lifetime. During the healing I had some discomfort in my womb area and around my weight but thank God that all is clear and now I am embracing my femininity and loving every part of it.

I would definitely recommend Mpho as a Coach because of her natural essence and openness. She share and gives of herself unconditionally and her vulnerability creates a safe space for all to share.

Penny Koetle

Mpho is a great coach, she is humble and does not shy away from sharing and being part of the process. Mpho is down to earth sharing her own experience and how she healed herself in the process. It was ‘awe inspiring’, by doing so she created a ‘safe space’ for us all . I’m impressed at how she shared feedback as it was channeled to her in the session. During the healing I felt like a hand was digging and taking out whatever that did not serve me.

This is about the third of fourth time that I attended Mpho’s webinars. I have noticed that she prepares ahead, she is a good listener that shows interest to each member. She truly takes her gifts seriously and shows respect.

I would definitely recommend Mpho as a coach because her results are marvelous and her performance as a coach is excellent, giving, accommodating and very humble.

Looking forward to what she comes up with in future.

Zoleka Mshumpela

The workshop was amazing, to say the least. We were guided into setting an intention for the workshop and allowing whatever comes up to do so and this is exactly what happened.  I was able to release blockages that were stored in my womb for many years with the powerful healing session. I was amazed at how I was moved to share and express my deepest thoughts and feelings in the safe platform that the session offered. I still felt the effects of the healing all of the next day, when an unprecedented amount of emotions, that had relevance to the workshop, was still running through my body. I experienced the pain that I went through with the loss of my first baby through stillbirth during the workshop and I was able to honor and acknowledge that pain for the first time and it brought about a great feeling of lightness afterward.

I would definitely recommend Mpho as a coach; she is so gentle and shares her own experiences which makes it a safe space for all to share.

Bernie Rushein