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Life & Self Mastery

It is at the core of all of humanity to express their life in a meaningful, loving and fulfilling way. We come here on Earth knowing who we are and why we are here. We live our lives in pursuit of achieving our goals and dreams. We want to experience life in a joyful, amazing and magnificent way. A life where we experience more love than fear; more joy than pain and be equipped to handle the challenging times gracefully without losing ourselves in the process. We want to master our own lives and lead a purpose driven life.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result” ~ Einstein

  • Are you mastering your life; living your best life and achieving your goals and dreams?
  • Are you experiencing fulfillment in your life – relationships, finances, business, career and health?
  • Do you know your life purpose?
  • Are you in a career that you are really passionate about, which allows you to impact the world and make money doing what you love?

If your answered No to any of these questions, Life & Self Mastery is a powerful tool that will help you transform your life. This program is aimed at people that want to supercharge their lives and move away from mediocrity so that they can express their greatness and change the course of their lives for the better. They know that they deserve more than what they are currently experiencing in life and are ready to step up and take up space.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ~ Albert Einstein

Life & Self Mastery coaching methodologies combine Neuro-Science, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Physics, Positive Psychology, Success Mind-Set Strategies and other coaching methodologies to help you master your life. We deal with the mind, targeting limiting beliefs, negative self-talk as well as unwanted behaviors that are sabotaging and holding you back from experiencing bliss in your life. When you change your mindset, you transform your life and break away from trapped emotions that are causing you to feel “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy” or “I don’t deserve”.

Our coaching methodology will help you gain High Self-Esteem so that you can start believing in yourself knowing that YOU Are Worthy of getting all the things you want in life! Abundance is your birth right and you deserve to experience it in all areas of your life – Personal Growth, Relationships, Finances, Business, Career and Health! We help you to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors which will help you to be in alignment to attract the experiences you chose to have on the outside world. Through the change from the inside out, you focus on the vision of the future than on the memory of the past. 

“Mastery of Being Human”

Our key focus in coaching deals with:

  • Inner- conflict which causes self-doubt, anxiety and depression
  • Negative emotions which causes you to have low vibration and attract the things you do not want in your life
  • Limiting beliefs which are inherited from your parents and forefathers, including yours
  • Anxiety elimination so that you can have more peace and harmony within you
  • Self-image transformation which boosts Self-love and Self-acceptance

Those who risk nothing, risk everything because mediocrity comes at a high price.

Stop living a mediocre life because You are born to be Great!

Take action today and sign up for the transformation you have been waiting for and allow us to partner with you to live an extraordinary life!

Relationship Coaching

Research has shown that quality relationships help us to be happier, healthier and increase longevity. Great relationships help you to have great self-esteem and confidence and by so doing they also help you to eliminate anxiety and overcome depression.

Relationships are the key to so many things: finding and keeping your soul mate; finding and keeping your job; getting along with your family; closing business deals; enjoying social life and so much more. Therefore, your relationships are key in determining the quality of your life.

Living in the midst of high conflict relationship is very detrimental for our well-being. So, how do you balance physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as social, family and work needs? This is the modern-day challenge…isn’t it?

Our modern society has indeed become a disposable society. We change jobs often, throw things away after buying new ones and move houses more than in the past, so changing relationships seems to many people like a modern trend. Partners consider separation and divorce as a way of getting out of the routine. Living together with the same person seems boring and the need for excitement and change is missing. However, marriage is not a computer game, and you cannot just press the “escape” button.

What kind of challenges are you experiencing in relationships?

  • Are you looking for that “perfect” relationship but don’t seem to find the “right” partner?
  • Are you constantly asking yourself whether you have made the “right” decision in choosing your current partner?
  • Do you want to have meaningful relationships in your life or do you feel like you need to “re-invent” your relationship with your partner, family, friends, boss or co-workers?
  • Do you find that you and your partner do not seem to “understand” one another and are constantly in disagreement?
  • Do you feel like all the “best” men and women are taken and you are running out of time to find your ideal partner?

“No matter what you’re dealing with in your relationship, your relationship struggles are normal and can be fixed.”

Relationship coaching is a profound experience whether you are single or married and it is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their relationships by moving away from superficial and toxic relationships and cultivating more meaningful relationships that produce desirable experiences. Relationship coaching is an investment that keeps paying out handsome and pretty returns in relationships. Being coached strengthens your relationship, because you learn to accept yourself and your partner at the same time, realising how much you’re the “same” and want the “same” things…just differently. Relationship coaching is a future-focused program that is great for single people seeking a soulmate and for couples who are not happy with their communication, emotional state, sex or depth of relationship, yet have a strong desire to make things work.

Our coaching methodology will help you to not only improve your relationships and attract meaningful relationships and experiences across the board but it will also help you to build the most important relationship – relationship with YOURSELF, which has an influence on all other relationships in your life. You will have a magnificent relationship with yourself and have Self-Love, Self-Appreciation and Self-Awareness; ultimately leading to Self-Actualisation. This in turn will help you transform other meaningful relationships in your life.

What you will Achieve with the Relationship Coaching:

  • Improved mental health and resilience
  • Good communication and less conflict
  • Better intimacy – emotional and physical
  • Daily consistent happiness
  • Achieve your relationship goals

Our relationship coaching is proactive, solution-focused and infused with a lot of unconditional love, and you will find the coaching style to be compassionate, non-judgmental and uplifting.

Take action today and let us partner with you in creating warm, meaningful loving relationships!

Abundance Manifestation

Every person on planet Earth is here for a reason and we all come with magnificent gifts to share with the world. Learning about ourselves and learning to live in harmony with our life’s purpose and how that fits into the world-at-large is a tremendous gift. Recognizing money as a reflection of one’s embodied life experience empowers us to break the cycle of financial struggle and manifest financial well-being. The essence of abundance coaching is helping people to discover and embrace the magnificence of their true identity, and to manifest this experience in a manner that empowers fully conscious responses to every facet of life. It also helps people break through their blocks to prosperity and teaches them how to create an empowering relationship with money so they can create financial well-being for themselves.

It’s sad to see people having greatness inside them yet there is something standing in the way, preventing them from achieving their dreams. People’s dream killer is having a scarcity mindset and the key to abundance is in understanding the difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. Once you see the difference you can take the steps necessary to change.

When you were younger, you likely had many dreams about how you would achieve your goals and live a great life. Over time those dreams may have evolved, but you still have many dreams and big ideas that are calling you – things you know that you can accomplish. A scarcity mindset always focuses on limitations which induces doubt, fear and insecurity because life is seen from a position of lack. The belief is that the world has a limited supply of good fortune, and that there probably isn’t enough for all of us.

Those with a scarcity mindset spend most of their time dreaming about how to get rich or build wealth, but see time, money, and stress all as things that are standing in their way. They see the world as a combination of things they won’t be able to achieve. Which is simply not true. Creating abundance is possible – as long as you are able to understand how to direct your life and purpose towards recognizing the abundance inside you.

Abundance Mindset

Everything in and around us is Energy, and we need to cultivate the Energy of Abundance in us in order to experience abundance in our lives. As Energetic Beings our vibrations are responsible for the experiences that we attract to ourselves and into our lives. We create our own reality and can Be, Do and Have everything we chose to have!

“What is like unto itself is drawn” ~ Law of Attraction

Abundance Manifestation coaching philosophy is aimed at people that want to create abundance in all areas of their lives especially money and wealth. Abundance Manifestation focuses on cultivating the abundance mindset because abundance is our birth right. Abundance is about truly understanding that you are enough, you have enough, and more will still be coming in your future. Having an abundance mindset allows your life to flow with ease and give focus to living a purpose driven life where you are the “Cause” in your life and Humanity can benefit from your contribution as you grow in influence and touch lives for the highest good of all.

“What you seek is seeking you” ~ Rumi

I encourage you to start looking for the abundance that is all around you and focus on truly achieving the abundance mindset. Stop looking at only the things you don’t have – focus on the things that you do have, and the things that keep coming to you. Soon you will find that you’re already wealthy – you simply were unable to recognize that wealth before.

Have a vision of the future so compelling that you can see it more than anything presently in front of you. Life is too precious to let yourself simply exist – DREAM BIG and don’t trade your life in for a life of mediocre.

Allow us to help you “up-root” all limiting beliefs that are not serving you and install beliefs that will help you to attract abundance of money into your life.

True abundance is found within

We will take you through the 7 steps of creating Abundance in your life:

  1. Awakening the Energy of Money
  2. The Power of Intention to Transform Money Fear
  3. Transcending the Obstacles on your Wealth Path: Ego and Inner Critic
  4. Mindfulness and Creation of Space and Time
  5. Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs
  6. Awakening your Abundance Mind-set
  7. Activating your Wealth Manifestation Power

The Benefits of Abundance Manifestation coaching include:

  • Discovering the beauty of engaging with a life-affirming consciousness, which supports your deepest creativity and well-being
  • Shifting the paradigm of how you experience life by clearing emotional blocks, wounds and negative beliefs around money and society so that you can be in a more loving relationship with the world around you
  • Awaken to yourself as the very creative energy of life force itself and begin to unleash your magic upon the world in an expansive way
  • Transform dynamics in your money experiences
  • Live in a state of awe and wonder as a result of your daily practice that promote gratitude, love and joy

You deserve to live a magnificent life! Stop living a mediocre life and get rid of the “small mindedness”! Live life on your own terms! Take action today and contact us!

Energy Healing with Sacred Geometry

We experience things all the time on an energetic level that affects us in ways, we as humans, have yet to fully quantify. It affects our health, well-being, relationships, finances, emotions, and so much more. And when we experience these things we might get to a state where we feel that everything is happening to us, instead of happening for us. Leaving us feeling powerless at that moment.

Emotional and physical challenges we face are caused by painful and unresolved experiences in our life. We also have family inheritance in our DNA which is transferred to us at birth by our parents which we have not resolved or come to understand yet. These unresolved issues are stored in our DNA cells as “repressed cell memories” and create blocks in our physical body. Eventually these blocks create many discomforts and problems and work as emotional trigger mechanisms in all kinds of situations that affects our lives negatively.

In an environment where expressing emotions is not desirable or acceptable, we are conditioned to suppress many of these feelings. These can be unresolved painful or traumatic events or experiences that have been ignored from some time and could be blocking us. We can carry them as heavy burdens on our shoulders for many years without realizing it, wondering why we are not truly happy and feel held back or struggle to achieve anything in our lives.

Most often unresolved experiences go as far back as our childhood and beyond. As children, we are not taught to use our internal resources to understand our relationships or the world and express ourselves; let alone deal with our hurts. We misinterpret situations and we shut down, suppressing those painful feelings. On top of that we create limiting beliefs about ourselves and life. This negatively influences our behavior, self-esteem and the choices we make and it certainly prevents us from leading an abundant, happy and successful life in the way we dream it could be.

In time, strong repressed emotions manifest as physical ailments which can turn into disease. You could be experiencing blocks in relationships where you might be in a cycle of attracting the same kind of people that don’t have the positive outcomes you want in a relationship, or it could be blocks that keep you from having the money or career you have always desired. Energetic blocks can be powerful in keeping us from truly fulfilling our dreams and the life we want. Only by releasing the stored pain and forgiving those involved can the body go about its natural healing process.

Energy Healing is ideal for a person who…

  • Feels stuck, like you’re not moving forward in life
  • Is caught up repeating the same old stuff
  • Struggles with their health and seem to be attracting all kinds of illness
  • Gets carried away in drama and conflict with family or friends
  • Has everything going “wrong” in your life
  • Feel worthless
  • Is confused and lost about why they are here

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Move past what’s blocking your progress
  • Realize enhanced health and vitality
  • Get rid of disease and dis-ease
  • Acquire the strength to resist negativity and attract amazing people and experiences in your life
  • Create a more positive and optimistic outlook on your life
  • Cultivate your best self and live your best life
  • Find clarity, meaning, and purpose in life
  • Be a deliberate creator

Energy healing is a powerful tool in clearing the blocks that keep people from progressing and experiencing growth and fulfillment. We combine Energy Healing with Sacred Geometry modalities to help you heal on a deep energetic level so that you can shed the blocks that energetically hold you back. People usually experience a feeling of “lightness” and letting go of the “heaviness” of life or past hurts or burdens that keep them from success. They see their life heal in different layers.

When you focus on shifting your energy and vibration, your entire reality can change within seconds.

When you heal that energetic programming within yourself, your energy has an impact on those around you as well. You experience new uplifted realities that you can now tune into, so when you work on healing yourself, you automatically help heal those around you just by being you. You realize that you have the power to choose your realities and you are not looking externally to fill a void.

Take action today and book an energy healing session to release energetic blocks in your life!